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The Black Tent

The Black Tent Stream Online The Black Tent is a 1956 British war film directed by Brian Desmond Hurst and starring Donald Sinden, Anthony Steel, Anna Maria Sandri, André Morell and Donald Pleasence. It is set in North Africa, during the Second World War and was filmed on location in Libya.During the British retreat through Libya, a British officer takes shelter with a group of Arab Bedouin. He marries the chief’s daughter. Sometime later his younger brother, who had believed him to be dead, is informed that he may be alive in Libya – prompting him to set out and search for him.

  • Release: 1956-04-09
  • Rating: 6.3
  • Production:
  • Genre: RomanceDramaAction

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John Chard

Well it’s more multi-coloured than black.But I’m just being facetious! Brian Desmond Hurst directs, Anthony Steel and André Morell star, Bryan Forbes and Robin Maugham write, William Alwyn scores the music and Desmond Dickinson photographs in VistaVision Technicolor.It looks lovely, the Libya locations amazing, yet it’s a dull and uneventful movie. Story concerns Capt. David Holland (Steel), who during WWII in the North African campaign gets injured and winds up being nursed by some Bedouin natives. He promptly becomes part of the crowd, falls in love with the Sheik’s daughter and instigates a repel the Nazis front with the natives. But what happened next? Holland’s brother, Col. Sir Charles (Donald Sinden), travels to Libya to find out.What he finds is obviously what we find out, that there’s an inter racial romance at the heart of the story, some mistrust, loyalties born, a small scale battle and a double edged sword of a finale. It’s all very contrived and mismatched, while some of the acting comes dangerously close to being parody supreme. Not good really and the tech guys deserve a better movie, and so do we. Oh well, if nothing else it obviously inspired Lawrence of Arabia. Hee hee hee. 5/10

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The Black Tent

Movie Director & Crew Behind The Black Tent

  • Brian Desmond Hurst
  • Bryan Forbes

Release Date:

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The Black Tent – Starring

The Black Tent

Donald Sinden
Col. Sir Charles Holland
The Black Tent

Anthony Steel
Capt. David Holland
The Black Tent

Anna-Maria Sandri
Mabrouka ben Yussef
The Black Tent

André Morell
Sheik Salem ben Yussef
The Black Tent

Donald Pleasence
The Black Tent

Ralph Truman
Major Cross

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