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Replicant Stream Online Scientists create a genetic clone of a serial killer in order to help catch the killer, teaming up with two cops.

  • Release: 2001-05-11
  • Rating: 5.3
  • Production: Artisan Entertainment / 777 Films Corporation / Millennium Films /
  • Genre: ActionAdventureScience FictionThriller

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John Chard

Double Trouble for Van Damme again!Yet another Jean-Claude Van Damme film that sees him tasked with playing two characters. In spite of its shaky reputation this isn’t half bad, it delivers what most Van Damme fans expect, namely bonkers fights and shifty science. Plot has Van Damme as a fire obsessed serial killer who is always one step ahead of the police. Enter science as a chance to clone the killer arises and this sets in motion the wheels of the Van Damme clone trying to come to terms with his alien world as he, and world weary police officer Jake Riley (Michael Rooker), set about capturing the unhinged mad man.It’s of course daft but it’s a whole bunch of fun, and with the strong presence of Rooker supplemented by two very interesting performances by Van Damme, pic is in good hands. The fight scenes are smoothly choreographed and exciting, with director Ringo Lam clearly aware of what makes a Van Damme movie work. It’s not prime Van Damme, but it’s above average and well worth checking out for those so inclined. 6/10

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Movie Director & Crew Behind Replicant

  • Les Weldon
  • Boaz Davidson
    Executive Producer
  • Ringo Lam
  • Trevor Short
    Executive Producer
  • Mike Southon
    Director of Photography
  • John Thompson

Release Date:
US 2001-05-11

Movie Budget:

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Replicant – Starring


Michael Rooker

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Replicant / Garrotte

Ian Robison

Catherine Dent

Paul McGillion

Pam Hyatt
Mrs. Riley

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